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    Yunnan Tianyuan Huama Bio-technology Share-holding Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 which is a modern Bio-technology company and a 21 century leader in the new trend of human health.

For the purpose of providing the product with more higher quality and requirements for consumers, company has established Yunnan Tianyuan plant meticulous separate technology R&D centre on June 2014, hire the Mr. Tian-You zhang and other foreign famous plant expert working together for the macaS R&D of new products and componential.  

    For the purpose of guaranteed macas raw material quality and satisfaction the increasing market demand, Company developed 8.23 acres seeding base and 16000 acres cultivating base in the 3156 meter altitude mountainous area of Machang Shangri-la area. A 3000 square meter GMP-standard plants has also been built which has the daily capacity of 5 million pieces of tablets, 1 ton particles. Now company has passed HACCPioses90012008 and organic conversion certification, the GAP certification is go on wheels.

    Up to now, Tianyuan Huama maca series products have sales on china 20 provinces, city and autonomous regions. In March 2014, company set up an international business department and sales offices in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Vietnam in just a few months. Also plans to set up business institutions in ten countries of ASEAN, U.S.A and Europe in the end of 2014.

    Follow the philosophy of medicine and food homology, Tianyuan Huama will put the services quality on the first and devote companys effort to manufacture the products with safety, relieved and high quality.

    In the future, Tianyuan Huama will devote itself to providing health products and services in an all-round way, establishing an outstanding brand and quality, powerful international group in the health industry.

    Mission of Tianyuan Huama is to be the pioneer and leader of the new era of human health.